Are Yachts the Perfect Holiday Option During the Coronavirus (Covid19) Pandemic?

Let’s talk about social distancing holidays, few vacation options can compete with a yacht. Most yachts carry a maximum of 12 passengers. So you and your loved ones can feel relaxed and secure together. Many people start searching for such alternatives, private yacht charters are being considered as a safer alternative to the overcrowded and large hotels.

All yachts we offer for charter are always kept to the highest standards of hygiene. With the recent coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic, yacht owners and captains have mandated that the crew implement deep cleanings after any usage to ensure each yacht is properly disinfected. Many yachts around the world are taking all of the careful steps necessary in terms of routine check-ups for crew members, self-quarantine protocols, and professionally disinfecting the yacht.

Is a private Yacht Charter a safe travel vacation option during the coronavirus pandemic?

A yacht charter can take you to some of the most secluded destinations in the world. You can spend your time exploring deserted islands in the Caribbean, luxury destinations of the French Riviera, diving azure blue waters in the Greek Islands and Turkish Coast, or simply anchored far off the Florida shoreline, drinking cocktails and soaking up the sun.

Why is a private yacht vacation safe during the coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic?

  • You have the entire private yacht, not only the private cabin.
  • You have a private yacht chef preparing delicate food with private dining.
  • All crew onboard are vaccinated and vaccination cards can be submitted up on request.
  • You have a private yacht crew taking care of you and your loved ones’ all needs.
  • You have no certain program: go wherever you desire, when you want, stay as long as you want.
  • You have no communication with strangers — as there are no strangers on your private yacht charter.

As Rendezvous Yachts: We have handled your isolated private yacht charter holiday with routine check-ups for crew members, self-quarantine protocols, and professionally disinfecting the yacht. Especially in these coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic days, hygiene and distancing rules are the most important part of our lives.

Mehmet A. DINC By Mehmet A. DINC