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Embark on a Memorable Journey with the Motor Yacht Gallant in Croatia

Embark on a Memorable Journey with the Motor Yacht Gallant in Croatia

Discover the breathtaking beauty of the Croatian coast with the Gallant, a 31-meter motor yacht perfect for a memorable vacation with friends and family. This luxurious yacht, not a sailing boat, features 5 spacious cabins, comfortably accommodating up to 10 guests in style and comfort.

C. Burak KOREL By C. Burak KOREL
National Parks of Croatia

National Parks of Croatia

There are 1244 islands and islets along the Croatian coasts and most of them host amazing nature and wild livings. 

Today I am going to share the 6 most amazing National parks of Croatia which you can visit while Cruising with a Yacht. 

Number 5 is my favorite and you can't find it on any other Yacht charter itineraries.


Off the coast of Istria across the 3km-wide Fazana Channel lies the extraordinary Brijuni archipelago. Consisting of two main islands (Mali Brijun and Veli Brijun) along with a dozen islets, the landscape carpeted with ancient pines and olive trees is embraced by the glittering sea.  

History buffs will be interested to learn that the islands, which also include Vanga, Sveti Marko, Gaz, Obiljak, Supin, Galija, Grunj, Pusti, Vrsar, Jerolim, and Kotez, have been inhabited by many empires since the Neolithic era. The Romans (177 AD) followed by the Byzantines (776 AD), the islands were later ruled by the Franks and the Aquilean patriarchs until the Venetian Empire took over in 1331. As each empire fell, the Brijuni islands deteriorated into malarial swamps until an industrialist purchased them in the 19th century and turned them into a well-groomed resort, leading to the construction of the fancy hotels and enabling visitors to swim, stroll and cycle around the heavenly park that is filled with native Mediterranean plants and trees. Also generously hosting rare plants such as wild cucumber and marine poppy along with imported species like stone pine, cedar, sequoia, eucalyptus, and bamboo, the intoxicating islands were rightfully announced a National Park in 1983.

Basak Gokkilic By Basak Gokkilic
Social Distanced Yacht Charter

Social Distanced Yacht Charter

Are Yachts the Perfect Holiday Option During the Coronavirus (Covid19) Pandemic?

Let’s talk about social distancing holidays, few vacation options can compete with a yacht. Most yachts carry a maximum of 12 passengers (and a minimum of 2-4 person which include kids also). So you and your loved ones can feel relaxed and secure together. Many people start searching for such alternatives, private yacht charters are being considered as a safer alternative to the overcrowded and large hotels.

Mehmet A. DINC By Mehmet A. DINC

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