1. If you are leading a big group of people, it is best to arrive at your destination a day or two before your embarkation day.

    This will help every individual to plan his/her own flight in order to arrive properly and have a chance to get rid of jetlag before embarking on your yacht. Remember, most of the time you only have one week of charter and in some cases, some of your guests might even have to leave earlier. You wouldn’t want to miss any of your yachting time with dealing with the draining side effects of jetlag or unexpected Covid-19 positive tests.
  2. Check the weather forecast with the Captain and your broker before you pack;

    Remember that your charter consultant and the Captain are here to help you and to make sure that your experience is unforgettable. It is smart to ask them for the local weather forecast and seasonal averages prior to your trip. Some of the destinations can get quite chilly at night due to season or weather abnormalities. This will help you to be fully prepared. In addition, all yachts are aware of the local circumstances and they will be prepared for intense situations such as tropical rains and Meltemi — seasonal local winds blowing northerly during the daytime in July and August around the Aegean Sea.
  3. Never bring work on board;
    We know that everyone is used to working hybrid these days and this can take all the spirit of your yacht vacation in 2023.
    The only people working on board will be the Captain and his Crew. It is bound to be one of the best times of your life that you get to spend with your friends and loved ones. Don’t waste your time with office work instead of spending it at land excursions or snorkeling or doing anything that makes this time unique and memorable. Work should stay back in the office, it is time for some fun!
  4. Keeping good relationships with the crew and building trust.

    This is the most important part of your vacation and unfortunately, it has to be quick :) But don’t worry, most of the yacht crew will be very experienced and well-trained. They will help you relax and treat you like their actual yacht owner onboard. Remember that a positive attitude goes a long way and pays well.
  5. Wine, Party, excursions, Night swim;

    Prepare a checklist and take your time to carefully fill your “preference list” provided by your broker. The crew will take everything you write into consideration and they will do their best to make all your wishes happen.

    It can be tricky to provide fine wines a week before or during the charter (never impossible on our watch), but it is better to note what you really like a few months in advance and so that your broker and Captain will have the time to make necessary arrangements.


Don’t forget to include a party in your itinerary. We know there are many reasons to party on board, but whether it is the actual date or a week early or late, it is best to come with a Birthday or an Anniversary party concept so you’ll have the best time on board the yacht. And last but not least, jump off to the water under the moonlight!

C. Burak KOREL By C. Burak KOREL