Experience the fascinate and tranquility of these wonderful tropical islands on a yacht charter in the Caribbean

Cruising the calm waters of the Caribbean by a crewed charter yacht will make you surprised on each charter day with hidden-away beaches, sunken caves, rich history, and more... Whichever Caribbean destination you choose, these sailing cruises between Caribbean islands will provide you heaven. The Caribbean Yacht Charters are unmatched and The Caribbean is the world's second most popular charter destination for luxury yachts.

Check our private yacht charter destinations and choose your favorite private Caribbean cruise. In the Caribbean, you encounter tropical temperatures moderated by the trade winds. Experience a luxury crewed yacht charter in the Caribbean and discover a vibrant culture.

We arrange yacht charters for cruising holidays.

We specialize in Caribbean yacht charters, cruising the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands, as well as other Caribbean destinations including the Grenadines, St. Martin, Antigua, and the Bahamas. Allow us to find you the perfect luxury yacht and itinerary.


Rendez-Vous Yachts is made of a professional Captains who spent decades of their life at sea and experienced on exclusive yacht chartering. At Rendez-Vous Yachts, we always strive for complete customer satisfaction.