Rendez-Vous Yachts Concierge Services

Perfection lies in the details.

We provide personalized concierge services of yacht charter and sales services you are looking for around the world at the best prices ensuring that you use your travel budget most efficiently.

Concierge is a business relationship between the yacht owner and clients.

Let us take you on an exceptional adventure filled with indulging, serenity, and the beauty of islands. Turn your vacation into an amazing adventure experience to explore a certain destination by renting a private charter yacht with your family or friends.

We provide a high level of concierge service to rent your private yachts. Do you have a yacht for charter and you are looking for clients? We can arrange bookings that can be challenging to access and can guide on what would best suit the yacht/guest demands. Let us take care of your private yacht throughout its lifetime.

What’s the best fit for your holidays?

We provide premium travel services, personalized tours, and concierge support around the world for our privileged clients. Learn more about who we are and contact us whether you are looking for clients or a charter yacht to rent

Your demand is our command.

Rendez-Vous Yachts is made of a professional Captains who spent decades of their life at sea and experienced on exclusive yacht chartering. At Rendez-Vous Yachts, we always strive for complete customer satisfaction.