Luxury Yacht Charter vs Luxury Hotel or Resort

Why a Luxury Yacht Rental Vacation Is the Best Alternative to a Hotel?

Which is the best luxury holiday? A stable land-based luxury resort or hotel, or a luxury superyacht charter?

A yacht rental trip could be much more realistic than you would think. A yacht rental offers the chance to delight matchless custom pleasure whilst enjoying privacy unlike any other type of vacation. Where else can you combine a breath-taking environment, exceptional seclusion luxury with the ability to travel and discover at freedom?

Imagine hiring a luxury yacht. Booking a hotel room is all well, however, a gorgeous yacht charter allows you to create your own ideal holiday. You aren't stuck in one location, like a hotel, and there aren't any itineraries you have to follow aboard on a luxurious yacht, you just do your own things; swimming, sunbathe, enjoying the water toys and serenity.

Time onboard a luxury yacht gives a matchless sense of freedom on the water, fully complemented by exclusive amenities and exclusive serving which are all just for you. There are many reasons to choose a private yacht charter instead of a hotel vacation. Some of them are different destinations, pure privacy, freedom, flexibility, your own personal chef, amenities, activities and water sports, and sensational services.

You don't have to pack or unpack your baggage each time you cruise to another wonderful place or be limited to where you can sail when onboard a rental yacht. As some destinations can only be reached by yacht, you have access to some of the most untouched places, making a yacht, your very own five-star floating resort. There is no more nearest waterfront accommodation than around a yacht.

You have the whole thing to yourself on a yacht. Hotels or resorts are still just hotels. You share them with other guests you don't know, lie by the pool with stranger people, and you can’t control the voice coming from the rooms. There’s plenty of space for you and your family to spread out on a yacht. Privacy is one of the most wonderful aspects of renting a private luxury yacht.

Select the ideal luxury yacht rental and destination together with help from your experienced travel consultant to factor in required facilities and activities, then step onboard where serving, pleasure, and the pure experience will be second to none.



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