The Bahamas

A picture is normally worth a thousand words, yet pictures of The Bahamas do the multi-island destination no justice. You’ll simply have to come and see it for yourself, and when you do, we guarantee you’ll fall in love - fall in love with The Islands of The Bahamas and with your partner all over again. Perhaps you’ll consider these activities to make your Yacht Charter even more memorable than you had imagined.

Tropical Island

Virgin Islands

Planning your Yacht Charter to the US or British Virgin Islands is not going to be your run-of-the-mill vacation. You’ll probably get on a boat at least once, while you’re vacationing in the British Virgin Islands, either because that’s how you arrived at an island, or that’s how you like to roll while vacationing in style in the Virgin Islands.


Leeward Islands

To make the most out of a stay on the Leeward Islands, we put together a list of essential destinations for a one-of-a-kind Sailing Yacht Charter. Best of all, these Caribbean jewels lie in wait only a short flight away from United States and Europe.

Coral Reef Island
Tropical Beach

Windward Islands

As a Yacht charter destination, the Windwards are just about ideal with short, line-of-sight passages between islands. Passages between islands generally offer an exhilarating Sailing in brisk trade winds but the wind angle is usually a comfortable reach with consistently easterly trade winds.


Cahit Burak KOREL


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